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This Week in Content Marketing: June 7

It might be the first week of winter, but the digital content marketing world isn’t going into hibernation anytime soon. It’s been all go with mobile, (Google) Maps and Microsoft dominating the news headlines – so here’s a red-hot rundown of the goings on in the last week!

This Week in Content Marketing

Mobile indexing becomes the new default

Google first announced that mobile indexing would take priority in search results in late 2016. Now, continued high mobile device use has given Google’s webmasters no choice but to make mobile-first the default setting for all new, unsearched websites, starting July 1, 2019.

You can check for your website’s mobile-first by using the URL Inspection Tool in the Google Search Console. Google will continue to determine an existing website’s readiness for mobile-first indexing based on its best practice guide, which focuses on:

  • Parity of content across desktop and mobile websites.
  • Structured web data
  • Meta data such as meta titles and descriptions.

Long live Mobile!

Dish-cover your new favourite dishes

Photos, customer reviews, information on location and opening hours – it’s never been easier to check out a restaurant without leaving your house. Until now. Google has just added a ‘menu favourites’ feature to help hungry users make the right choice about satisfying those cravings.

Simply search for your favourite restaurant or the newest hot spot on Google Maps and find its popular dishes in the overview tab. If you’re ready for seconds, there is more information to stomach in the menu tab, with reviews on the most-talked about meals and customer photos.

Boast better Yoast

Everyone’s favorite SEO plugin just got even better. Yoast SEO 11.3 became available from May 28, with enhancements and bug fixes aimed at improving how the WordPress feature works.

The main features from the Yoast SEO 11.3 update are:

  • Users can now set an image for a person within a data graph. This helps with greater personalisation of data reports.
  • Several bug fixes related to setting and picking the personal user for the website
  • The MyYoast API request timeout has been increased from one to five seconds, to give servers with less optimal connectivity more room to fetch data.

Updating your Yoast SEO plugin will help you optimise how you manage your WordPress website, drawing deeper insights on essential web data you need to make better informed choices.

Bing makes it to the Tin Anniversary

On May 28, Microsoft’s Bing search engine celebrated its tenth birthday. While it still lags behind Google in market share, the platform’s resilience over the last decade has proven its search value.

The search engine’s focus on online advertising gives it a point of difference from Google. Recently the Bing Ads platform rebranded as Microsoft Advertising to offer users a different, more targeted B2B marketing experience. This has fostered a dedicated advertiser following for the platform, according to Melissa Mackey, search supervisor at US-based B2B agency Gyro.

‘‘Advertisers often see better results from Microsoft Advertising’s unique audience and it continues to deliver innovative solutions for advertisers while maintaining a focus on the customer that has made them a favorite in the PPC [pay-per-click] industry’’.

This Week in Content Marketing

Broad Core Algorithm (BCA) – As easy as ABC?

On June 3 Google launched its June BCA update. What major changes can marketers expect to see off the back of this major tweak to Google’s search algorithms? More or less nothing, according to the platform’s technicians.

Official guidance indicates that any change in a website’s ranking doesn’t mean there is a problem to fix. This update is designed to improve how Google’s algorithm determines website relevancy. Businesses that find their top ranking taken after this BCA update takes effect over the next ten days should consider what features of competitors’ sites are most relevant to searchers.

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