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Three effective content marketing ideas for your company

Facebook and Twitter campaigns have become the norm for many businesses, with these social networks vital for a content marketing strategy in 2013.

According to the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), visual media is predicted to become one of this year’s “biggest content marketing trends”, indicating that a picture could really be worth a thousand words.

This visual trend may also imply that less content will create more of an impact, with posts needing to draw in the eye straight away or risk being scrolled over.

Here are three effective marketing tactics that you can add to your content strategy this year.

Rise up with infographics

Need to convey facts and data in a way that is flashy, appealing and easy to read? Then it’s time to jump on the infographic bus.

Many businesses have taken advantage of this visual content marketing trend to condense lengthy reports and white papers into a compact document filled with vibrant pictures and key findings.

“Effective content marketing agencies can attract new business by using infographics to demonstrate their knowledge and expertise,” Steve Glauberman posts in a February 13 CMI article.

“A good infographic is appealing to the eye, but also highly relevant to your target audience. Its content is both consistent with your brand and distinctive to viewers.”

Develop your own podcast

Head of strategic consultancy at TechSavvy Global, Scott Steinberg, wrote in a Mashable article that creating your own podcast series can help to expand your reach and “convey valuable information”.

It also doesn’t require a lot of gear or effort to get started, with a smartphone one tool that can get the project kicked off.

There’s a number of different areas you can cover with a podcast, maybe to promote the key points of a recently published e-book or have a series giving reviews of your company’s newest products.

Employee promotion

According to InboundWriter your employees can play a part in promoting your company, product or service online – who knows your brand better than them?

Businesses may have some reservations about employees expressing connection with their organisation online for fear of negative comments, but Blue Focus Marketing experts have pointed out that employee branding is “poised to be a big player” in the social arena for 2013.

To help ensure that negative brand image is kept to a minimum from employees, it’s important to set some guidelines to clarify the “do’s and don’ts” for social media sharing.

Posted by April Revake.