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Three habits to avoid on Facebook

Facebook plays a key role in the social media strategy of many companies, with it often being the focal platform to advertise products and services, engage with customers and share other compelling content related to their area of business.

While there are many guides advising what strategies and techniques you should use to boost your profile and social media marketing activities, it's vital to also know what you shouldn't do to help ensure the success of your Facebook campaigns.

Here are three habits to avoid on your Facebook page.

Abandon spelling and grammar

One thing that can annoy users – and give less credibility to your company – is spelling errors, incorrect use of grammar and 'text' language.

If you're promoting a new product don't use 'language lyk dis 2 mke a point'! Save the text language for limited character platforms such as Twitter – Facebook allows you to make full sentences, so do it!

Also check the spelling and grammar of your posts, otherwise you can expect many users to point out your error and question your abilities.

Facebook spamming

Your followers don't want to know about your new campaign every half hour, so keep your posts to a limit each day.

The number of posts can vary with different social media strategies, but a good general rule is to have a post in the morning, noon and night.

Try to avoid posting more than three times in one hour – it can become irritating and you don't want people to unfollow you!

#hashtag use and @mentions on Facebook?

Twitter and Facebook are two different platforms, with different features and uses – keep it at that.

Loading your Facebook status updates or image posts with hashtag mentions and @mentions just doesn't look that great on your Facebook page.

It's only acceptable to use a hashtag if its related to a social media campaign or product you're promoting, and in saying that, use it sparingly!

Posted by April Revake.