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Three simple strategies to use across Facebook and Twitter

Facebook and Twitter campaigns are the backbone of many businesses social media marketing strategies, with these two social networks having millions of users and followers worldwide.

The strategies that you use for each of these platforms can often be used on the other, with social media users responding to the same general posting rules: use of compelling images, appropriate tags (Facebook: people and businesses, Twitter: hashtags) and getting to the point with statuses!

We have a look at another three strategies that can prove useful for both your Twitter and Facebook campaigns and give your social media strategy a boost.

Measure your fan engagement

This useful tactic should be employed regularly to gauge the climate of your content, and to help ensure that you're posting content that your audience find interesting and engaging, and compels them to interact or share.

Make it a habit to take note of your most commented, liked and shared posts so that you can emulate similar posts in the future to continue encouraging engagement.

Also make a note of those posts that aren't getting any love, so you know what kind of content to avoid in the future.

Storytelling is a must-have

A great way to grab the attention of your audience is to create a compelling story – this doesn't necessarily mean you have to type out your company's life story!

Instead of just writing a mass of text, you can use one simple but effective image accompanied by text giving background to the image to ground your reader.

You can even tell stories on Twitter, by posting a picture and a short description, accompanied by a relevant link as a sort of 'call to action' for the reader to receive more information.

Regularly link to your company blog posts

You can drive more traffic to your website, open your company to a wider audience and gain a new loyal following simply by linking your new blog posts on your Facebook and Twitter pages.

Many companies will already have this practice in place, but if you're not doing this already – then get started now!

Social media provides a bigger ball park for your company to play in, and there's nothing but good things that can result from sharing your company blog posts on your Facebook and Twitter pages.

Posted by April Revake.