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Three tips for posting engaging photos on social media

Modern-day consumers are used to being flooded with information on social networking sites, so in order to catch their attention, your brand needs to stand out.

Although high-quality and fresh content is a great way to keep consumers engaged, visual media is also a powerful tool to attract their attention.

Photos: The most engaging visual

Photos are by far the most effective form of visual media. A recent study by Social Bakers found that Facebook posts that include photos make up 93 per cent of the most engaging posts.

Sharing photos on social media has become popular for individuals and advertisers alike, and sites such as Instagram and Pinterest are devoted purely to it.

It doesn't matter if you're selling swimming pools or diamond rings, high-quality photos are a great way to boost your social marketing strategy.

Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Be true to your brand

When planning your social marketing strategy it is important to identify your main objectives and what your brand stands for. Then establish what it is you are trying to get across to consumers.

There is no point posting photos that are provocative or humourous simply because your competitors are doing so.

Remember, people often develop an emotional connection with brands, so make sure you understand your target audience and make your photos relevant to them.

Make your photos stand out

This is easier said than done, but the days of clip-art are long gone. If you want to attract consumers, your visual media has to be engaging.

Get creative! Try to capture the culture or vibe of your brand.

Some brands, such as Starbucks and Nike, choose to focus on their product. Both brands post unique and innovative photos of their product onto sites like Instagram.

Other companies choose to advertise indirectly. For example, Red Bull's campaigns often have nothing to do with their product.

Engage with your target audience

Consider the needs of your target audience. What would they find interesting or helpful?

Posting interesting captions alongside your photos is a great way to attract users attention.
Try asking your fans a question or give them a solution to a problem. 

Posted by Dylan Brown