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Three tips for Twitter advertising success

Social media has allowed companies to advertise on a global scale, reaching a much wider audience than through traditional channels and giving them the potential to significantly grow their customer base.

So what has your company got to lose by setting up Twitter campaigns? Nothing – but it has lots of followers to gain!

If you want to make the best of your Twitter advertisements, take note of these three helpful tips for success.

'Build your base' 

The first thing you will want to do when you add Twitter to your social media strategy is build a strong base of followers – otherwise all your innovative campaigns and hard work will amount to nothing!

Make sure to let all your customers and followers on other social networks such as Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Pinterest know that your company is now on Twitter.

Some ways to do this include using Twitter badges on your company website, including your Twitter URL in your Facebook description tag, and providing links to your page in business emails and newsletters.

Sharing innovative, compelling content is one way you can build your fan base, so get thinking outside of the box when posting tweets!

Follow the interests of your company

See what topics are currently 'hot' in your industry by following other businesses similar to your own.

This can help to give you an idea of what content attracts your audience, and can inspire some new ideas for your own tweets.

Offer exclusive content and deals

Everyone loves a deal, with the words FREE, discount and exclusive sure to draw the eye of your Twitter followers.

Launching a 'Twixclusive' – an exclusive on Twitter that your followers can't find anywhere else – could garner more likes, retweets and attract new followers.

Make sure to send a follow-up Tweet to your Twixclusives to show your appreciation for your followers' participation. A mention, retweet or @reply can help to build strong relationships on Twitter.

Posted by April Revake.