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Three tips to boost your company profile on LinkedIn

All too often, Facebook and Twitter campaigns are made the focus of a company's social media strategy.

And while these can drive engagement and activity back to your website, it's also important to remember to reach outside these audiences too.

Pinterest, Google Plus and Instagram are some other social platforms you can use to boost your company brand.

Another website that can help to raise your profile and is used by millions of business professionals around the world is LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Associate Marketing Manager David Schneider wrote in a September 5 blog post that success was about "constantly using your personal network to reach new partners, customers, and talent on behalf of your company".

"All the while, you’re managing your company’s online properties to create a coherent and trusted brand identity," Mr Schneider posted in the LinkedIn blog.

"When people research your company, they look at your LinkedIn profile, and those of your team. The concepts of brand and identity are intertwined."

Here are three tips to help boost your company's LinkedIn profile.

Provide rich content and insights

Establish your company as a thought leader by regularly providing compelling content and interesting insights on your LinkedIn page.

Head of Growth Marketing at Heyo, Alex Shamy, says to use the pareto principle or 80/20 rule as a guideline for delivering content.

He says, via Mr Schneider's blog post, to post four status updates which are "strictly value driven" then post one relating back to your company.

Connect with employees

Increase the visibility of your LinkedIn company page by encouraging your employees to add their current position on their profile.

This will help to encourage more visits and may also lead to more followers of your brand.

Join LinkedIn Groups

Get your name out there by linking up your company to some groups! Find LinkedIn groups that are most relevant to your industry or deal with topics that are of most interest to your company and contribute to conversation.

This can help to build reputation for personal and company brands.

Posted by April Revake.