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Three top tips for creating compelling infographics

Infographics can do wonders for your social media strategy, increasing the 'shareability' of your content and driving traffic back to your website.

However, there's more to an infographic than just a few facts and pictures. In order to reap the benefits of this type of content you need to make it engaging – hooking readers in and compelling them to share it with their networks.

Make the most out of your infographics by taking note of these top three tips.

Topic choice: Think outside of the box!

People like to learn new facts, so if you're regurgitating information that has been covered by other companies numerous times then you risk not gaining much shareability.

Approach a popular topic in your industry from a different angle – think outside the box!

Readers will be much more likely to share something that they never knew beforehand and creating this kind of information can help to establish your company as a thoughtleader in your sector.

Simple and understandable

From first look, it's important to make your infographic simple and easily understandable.

Readers don't want to spend too much time deciphering what the facts mean and how it affects them, so make it easy by presenting short, sharp sentences and lots of images – think graphs and pie charts.

Aim to make your infographic easy to decipher from the first gaze – simple wording, clear graphics and impactful images.

Fly your brand flag

An infographic is your company's chance to create some brand awareness – so fly your flag high!

Content Plus writes that you need to stay true to what your brand stands for.

"Your branding is about more than just fonts and colours; if you pride yourself on being cutting edge or quirky, or no-nonsense make sure this is reflected in your creative concept."

Posted by April Revake.