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Time to post your vote America! – Social media and Election Day

It's the event that has been plaguing social media for months, with hard-pushed Facebook and Twitter campaigns with hashtags galore.

America's Election Day has finally arrived, with states in the election and #ElectionDay2012 some of the top trending topics around the world on Twitter.

The battle for presidency is caught between continuity and change, as Democratic leader Barack Obama vies for a second term in the White House and Republican leader Mitt Romney contends Obama to take the position.

Facebook posted on its blog on November 6, that they are focused on "ensuring that those who are eligible to vote know where they can cast their ballots and, if they wish, share the fact that they voted with their friends."

This will help to encourage Americans to get out and make their decision, with other social features also employed on Facebook to get people to participate in Election Day.

There is an 'I'm Voting' or 'I'm a Voter' button available for users over 18 to click on, allowing them to post a story to their timeline that they have voted.

Faces of friends who have shared that they have voted will be displayed, with a real-time counter also noting the number of people in America who have clicked the button.

Over 5.4 million people took to Facebook to indicate they had voted on Election Day in 2008, with more than 12 million people clicking the button in the 2010 midterm election.

The U.S. Politics on Facebook page will be the "hub for information, photos, and other election related activity" for Election Day, providing insights from the Facebook Talk Meter, which will measure the 'election buzz' on ten point scale.

YouTube is also getting in on the event, where they will have live coverage on the YouTube Elections Hub starting at 19:00 ET, when the polls close on the East Coast.

There will also be live-stream coverage from ABC News, the New York Times, Al Jazeera, the Wall Street Journal and others until the president is announced.

Posted by April Revake.