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Tips for creating good content

At Castleford Media, our business is built on the premise that great content can help support any organisation – big or small – to build its online presence.

And while custom, quality, fresh content is rewarded by Google, along with keywords how can we define good content?

We know that good content has far-reaching benefits – excellent articles and timely, informative blog posts will keep your readers coming back for more, while fresh articles written with an SEO focus will help your site to stand out in search engine results pages.

But what exactly makes fresh content so great? Read on to find out more.

Think about your readers

First of all, content needs to be easily readable by a human who is looking through your website, so that means a doctoral thesis may be a little too complex for attracting regular readers.

This is why a lot of the content we produce – including posts on our own blog – is short and sharp! Keeping things accessible and jargon-free will encourage people to come back for more.

Search engines read your content too!

Just like people get information from reading words on a page, the same can be said of search engines, which crawl the pages of websites to determine what they're all about.

Google and the other major players in the search engine space tend to reward information-rich, well-optimised content. This doesn't mean stuffing your text with keywords, but instead making sure that your website content is editorially sound and contains relevant, related terms and phrases.

Don’t forget that the headline and the title tag can provide a supremely valuable opportunity to increase the value of your article in the eyes of Google – these represent another opportunity to focus on your keywords and other search-friendly terms.

By writing content that is keyword rich and well-constructed you give yourself the best chance of being ranked highly by a search engine – and is the secret to creating a great content strategy.