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Tips to extend your blog readership

Corporate blogging is a common activity for many businesses with websites today, not only to keep followers updated with the latest happenings in the company, but also to help drive more traffic back to the website!

Some businesses decide to take a creative approach to their company blogs, writing their posts as a certain character that could be fun and easygoing or one that is knowledgeable and informed about the company's industry.

Taking this approach could help your social media strategy, as this kind of content is easier to share with your Facebook, Twitter and other social network followers.

It's important that you shape your company blog to fit in with your social media strategy, as one of your primary concerns with your blog is to increase readership – and social media is one of the key ways to do so!

Some ways to make your blog more social media friendly is to use catchy titles, compelling images and relevant links.

When also writing a description for your blog post on social media, remember to keep it short, simple and interesting!

This is your one shot to get your social media followers hooked, so maybe use one of the most important facts from your blog post as a teaser, or post an attention-grabbing image with a link to your blog.

If your company is on LinkedIn, then you can help create some blog traffic by utilising LinkedIn Groups!

According to ProBlogger, LinkedIn Groups is one of the best ways to attract people to your business blog, as it brings in readers and customers who have a genuine interest in your topic  and can also create "viable financial opportunities".

It's important to remember to write targeted content on your company blog that is especially relevant to your LinkedIn Group. Make sure you regularly post articles that bring something of value to your LinkedIn followers to keep them coming back for more and spreading the good word!

Posted by April Revake.