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Today wraps up National Cyber Security Awareness Week

Have you been making an effort to ensure your business is adequately protected online over the past few days?

In case you didn’t know, today marks the end of National Cyber Security Awareness Week 2012. 

A federal government initiative, it intends to draw attention to some of the threats that come with being on the internet, such as hacking, viruses and having your credit card information end up in the wrong hands.

Google Australia partnered with the government to share some of its top tips for keeping safe online.

The search giant recommends that people not only choose a strong and secure password but that they also put two-step verification into place.

This means that a special code will be sent to your mobile phone, so that a potential hacker cannot access your account unless they also have your cell – which is very unlikely.

On the government's cyber security website,, it also shares top tips for guarding your confidential fresh content.

People are advised to use a trustworthy security software program and to update this regularly, as well as perform frequent scans.

In addition, the government reminds everyone that it is a good idea to practise some basic common sense and think carefully before clicking on any suspicious links.

Often hackers target your email inbox, sending through messages containing links that can open up to hazardous viruses.

Some even send around hoax emails pretending to be official organisations such as banks or lotteries and encouraging people to share their personal details – never trust such an email.

Google public policy and government affairs spokesperson for Australia and New Zealand Ishtar Vij reminds us that it is better to be safe than sorry.

"Whether you're a new internet user or an old hand, it's good to stay updates on best practises when it comes to browsing the web and sharing your data online," he wrote in the Google blog yesterday (June 14).

Posted by Jess O'Connor