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Top 3 Twitter marketing tips for your campaigns

Need to give your Twitter campaigns a well-needed boost? Then take on these three top tips from non-profit organisation charity:water.

charity:water's key aim is to bring clean and safe drinking water to the 800 million people around the globe who live without it.

The charity organisation used Twitter to help create 'real-time buzz' around World Water Day on March 22 and drive birthday pledge support.

A combination of organic and Promoted Tweets were used in charity:water's campaign which saw the group achieve the highest traffic day for its website.

Twitter posted in its Advertising Blog three lessons based on charity:water's success that fellow non-profits and other small businesses and brands can take on board!

Link up with influencers

charity:water partnered up with a number of brands, celebrities, athletes and thought leaders to spread their message and spark conversation on World Water Day.

Actress Jessica Biel was among those supporting charity:water's activities, driving awareness of World Water Day to her followers and informing them on how they can pledge for their next birthday.

'Build excitement'

To have people act on your campaigns you need to draw followers by building excitement around your cause, product or services!

"Leading up to a big launch, a countdown on Twitter is a simple way to build awareness and momentum," the March 29 Twitter Advertising Blog stated.

As the big day approached for charity:water they shared compelling photos from supporters around the world with the hashtag #WorldWaterDay.

At the start of World Water Day, the charity organisation highlighted some countries that were in most need of support, with this tactic noted to not only have helped rally support on Twitter in these countries but also educating charity:water followers.

Clear call to action

Twitter Advertising noted that a successful Twitter marketing campaign starts with your goal.

charity:water wanted to drive pledges, creating Promoted Tweets with a link for people to immediately take action.

The birthday pledge landing page also included the ability to tweet about your pledge and share an image with followers, with this helping to 'further amplify' awareness on Twitter.

Posted by April Revake.