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Top executives slowly join social media

The Australian Financial Review reports that executives in Australia are joining the world of social media, in an attempt to keep in control of their brands.

Digital strategists told the AFR that top executives are starting to use Twitter and LinkedIn as a social media strategy to try and interact with their customer base.

Wesfarmers managing director Richard Goyder has become the most recent chief executive to personally join Twitter, after one of the big guns – Rupert Murdoch – hopped on the bandwagon in August. 

Kirsten Boschma, a social media strategist, told the AFR that Australian business heads are lagging behind their American equivalents by up to four years.

Analysts note that there are a number of reasons why corporate high-flyers may have hesitated in the past when it comes to social media – including the fear of a Facebook or Twitter backlash or accidentally revealing sensitive company information.

But Wesfarmers adviser Andrew Twaits told the financial publication that executives shouldn't be intimidated and that they should adapt and see the results.

"It doesn’t matter how many consultants and advisers produce reports for you about how it works and about how your customers are using it.

"You really need to get involved to some extent yourself, to understand the ­benefits of how it might apply to your business," he said.

The AFR says that such is the extent of conservatism when it comes to business and social media that 70 per cent of the Fortune 500 don't have any sort of social media presence.

By Tim Wright