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Tourism Australia casts social media net

As part of its goal to make Australia the most-discussed tourist destination on sites such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, Tourism Australia is mobilising what it refers to as the world’s largest social media team.

The organisation hopes that by publishing social media guidelines for the nearly one million people indirectly and directly involved with tourism in our country, it can help them to rally their millions of fans and followers to become unofficial ambassadors for Australia.

Engaging, relevant and fresh content is crucial to helping tourism businesses of all shapes and sizes achieve their social media goals, said Tourism Australia managing director Andrew McEvoy.

One of the greatest things about social media, he added, is that it has created a more level playing field for smaller operators who may not have otherwise had the marketing budget to reach a large audience.

“Ultimately, we want our four million Facebook fans, the 23 million Australians who live here and the 6.1 million people who visited last year to become part of the world’s biggest social media team and ambassadors for our country,” he said.

Tourism Australia’s social media guidelines have a number of great points for anyone looking to develop a more compelling strategy to connect with their audience.

For example, it suggests that companies keep an eye out for “small waves” and “large waves” – opportunities to facilitate dialogue and connect with their audience.

A small wave could be as simple as establishing a weekly event where fans and followers are encouraged to share photos or stories – and the more content that can be shared, the more successful a campaign will be.

If you are looking for great content to share with your fans and followers, you might want to consider a mix of articles, blog posts and even infographics – anything that gets people thinking, talking and clicking! Engaging content can – and should – take a variety of forms to keep your audience coming back for more.

Posted by Kaitlyn Critchley