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Turn the lights on: Beyonce shuts it down at Super Bowl and on social media

It seems the stadium lights at Louisiana's Superdome thought the show was over following Beyonce's Super Bowl halftime performance, with a power outage blacking out parts of the stadium just as the second half of the final was starting.

The Single Ladies singer not only shut it down at the stadium but also generated a hysteria of social media talk, with Bluefin Labs stating that the singer's performance gathered 4.3 million social media comments – a 421 per cent year-over-year growth compared to last year's show featuring Madonna!

The Bluefin Labs infographic, Super Bowl XLVII Breaks Social TV Record, also indicates that social media activity peaked at Beyonce's halftime performance, spawning almost 100,000 more comments than any other event.

Facebook mentioned in their blog on February 3, that Beyonce's halftime show was the second most talked about moment of the night, with the phrase that Beyonce had "killed it" jumping up by more than 40,000 "as she took her bow".

The Texas-raised singer predictably made waves on Twitter generating 5.5 million Tweets, with the top three moments including the conclusion of her show (268,000 TPM), the Destiny's Child reunion on stage (257,500 TPM) and singing Single Ladies (252,000 TPM).

Many notable Tweeters took to the platform to comment on Beyonce's record-breaking Super Bowl performance with country-pop trio Lady Antebellum Tweeting, "@beyonce was so bootylicious that she knocked the power out at the #Superbowl – ck".

Some companies even took advantage of the Superdome blackout to post witty Tweets, with Oreo Tweeting that "You can still dunk in the dark" and stain remover brand Tide Tweeting that "We can't get your blackout. But we can get your stains out".

Instagram wasn't safe from the Beyonce social media takeover either, with over 200 photos per second posted about Beyonce (@baddiebey) during the halftime show.

It's evident that social media will continue to play a major part in these huge events, so companies wanting to get in on the action may want to give their social media strategy a touch up!

Posted by April Revake.