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Tweak your social media strategy with these top tips!

The potential of your brand reaching a wide audience these days is often determined by your company’s social media presence.

A strong social media strategy is vital for your company’s online marketing campaign. What’s the point of having a Facebook page, if you don’t know how to truly engage with your followers.

People are constantly driven to social media by products they purchase, TV shows they watch and even food they eat – with companies asking to ‘like’ their pages.

This is because when people like a Facebook page, a company can continue to provide a form of advertising to their audience – so that when users check their Facebook page, they may see a new advertising campaign on their news feed.

This rings the same for Twitter, where companies can even create ‘promoted tweets’ to reach a wider spectrum of users and encourage engagement from their current followers.

It’s time for you to get your company’s Twitter and Facebook campaigns into gear, so here are some top tips to get you engaging with your audience and improving your social media presence.

Don’t post spammy statuses

No one likes to follow a company that engages in the so-called ‘spammy’ posts. This is the type of content where people can tell it has been recycled across all social media platforms and is simply just flat and boring.

You have to identify the ‘tone’ of your audience – and let them know that it is a real human that makes these posts! When posting pictures or statuses, ensure to use relaxed, friendly language to engage your audience.

Utilise all areas of social media

Each social media platform serves a certain purpose, with Twitter used for short and snappy updates, Facebook for your general content sharing and Pinterest for pictures, recipes and diagrams.

You can target a large range of your audience by utilising all these sites and having fresh content to deliver on each one.

Internet marketing company The Whole Brain Group has created a handy infographic, The Sensible Social Media Marketing Checklist for Businesses, that gives great tips on how you can promote your content and engage effectively with your audience across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Posted by April Revake.