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Tweet the news beat: Tips on delivering your fresh content to the masses

Twitter is the platform that many people use to find fresh content and breaking news, with the social media site constantly being on top of what's happening around the world with their real-time updates.

Tweets themselves can even become the news, with some of our favourite celebrities informing us on their whereabouts, what they're up to and sharing intimate details and pictures to the public – which can either have people admiring or ridiculing them.

It's now common practice these days for many journalists and news networks to find original content on Twitter and make a news story out of it.

Everyone is now able to report what's going on in their area by simply sending a tweet.

The Queensland floods in January 2011 are a great example of how everyday people are getting involved with reporting news, with residents recording their first-hand experiences of the disaster with live updates and photos.

Twitter understands that news publishers and journalists have long sought the best ways to engage users on the social media engine and have offered some tips in a blog post recently (September 20) on how follower growth and engagement can be increased.

Increase engagement with hashtags

The Twitter team found that tweets with hashtags followed by the keyword or subject corresponding with the tweet can increase engagement around 50 per cent (1.5 times) for brands.

Hashtags can be used to provide a context and background to your tweet, and can be used to gauge public opinion on the matter.

Report on what you know regularly

Tweeting regularly about subjects you cover or topics that interest your target audience is said to be one of the best ways to increase Twitter engagement.

Research from Twitter shows that people who post a "concentrated number of Tweets in a short time span" have follower growth that is 50 per cent more than average (1.5 times more).

"Live-tweeting or posting updates about a news event related to your beat is one way to grow followers and increase interaction," writes Twitter creative content manager for Journalism & News Mark Luckie.

Posted by April Revake.