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Tweeting more effective if it engages with consumers

Twitter is the perfect place for brands to interact with consumers, and many major businesses have successfully established a large online following. Although social media marketing is an effective tool for advertising, the main objective is to engage with the audience.

So far this year, approximately 97 per cent of major brands such as Asos and Nike have tweeted, marking a 35 percent increase since 2011, according to a recent report from Brandwatch. The most engaged brands tweet an average of 30 times a week.

However, the study found that one quarter of all brands use Twitter to broadcast their products or services, without attempting to engage with consumers. Keeping consumers engaged is essential for those wishing to gain more online traffic, and ultimately, more customers.

Of course, actively tweeting is an important part of keeping an audience engaged, but more activity doesn't necessarily mean more engagement. The study found that the brands that tweeted the most, with an average of one tweet every six to 20 minutes, didn’t make it into the 'Top 100 most engaged brands' list.

The study also found the most engaged brands were from the UK, which included BBCBreaking and British football clubs Chelseafc and Arsenal. The results indicated that an easy way to engage with online consumers is to tweet photos or video, which receive three to four times more engagement than text.

Many brands are choosing to create multiple accounts, often using one to answer customer service enquiries, and another for broadcasting special deals and updates. Dell currently has the most, with a total of 44 accounts.

Earlier this year, Hubspot released statistics that demonstrate the effectiveness of social media marketing. The statistics revealed that lead conversion for social media is 13 percent higher than the average lead conversion rate, almost double the average leads gained through trade shows, PPC, or direct mail.

The Hubspot statistics also revealed that almost half of online users rely on social media when making a purchase.

Posted By Dylan Brown