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Tweets to light up the London Eye during the Olympic Games

With just under a week to go before the start of the much anticipated London Olympic Games 2012, people all across the world are counting down until the beginning of this iconic event.

Athletes may be warming up and preparing for one of the toughest competitions of their lives, but networks such as Facebook and Twitter are also flexing their muscles and getting ready for what is expected to be a huge social media occasion.

In the past, people may have shared their opinions on the Games by gathering in someone's lounge to watch them unfold on a small television set.

Or perhaps a few years ago they sent emails, picked up the phone or watched clips on the internet.

Yet the 2012 Games are predicted to shine online when compared to the past. The rise in popularity of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube has provided people with an instant and accessible platform to interact and share their Olympic opinions and experiences.

The organisers of the games have been doing what they can to facilitate this experience, but the success of the so-called 'Social Media Olympics' will have to come down to the users themselves – either people will post and Tweet, or they won't.

One of the latest Twitter campaigns announced relies very much on the interaction and attitude of its British observers.

EDF Energy has joined forces with the iconic landmark the London Eye in a unique and forward-thinking social media strategy.

The energy company is going to filter and analyse Tweets to determine the 'mood of the country' in relation to the Olympic Games.

If the mood is 80 per cent positive, then the London Eye will light up to reflect this, and vice versa.

This idea is the brainchild of Daley Thompson, a former English decathlete. He said that he hopes this campaign will help to inspire the country to get behind its sportsmen and women.

"We want to make the EDF Energy London Eye a spectacular showcase of national support for the athletes – and one that will inspire them every night of the Games," Mr Thompson said (July 19).

Posted by Jess O'Connor