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Twitter a top companion for holidaymakers

Social media plays a key role in storytelling today, as users no longer have to call their friends and explain how their day was, if they got the new job or what they got up to on their holiday – they can now keep their networks updated in real-time by posting check-ins, photos and statuses.

It's not uncommon to see holiday updates from friends on Facebook and Twitter, as they share videos from the resort, check into a restaurant and add hashtags such as #holidaylife and #vacation to their posts. With the rising use of smartphones and tablets sharing your holiday has never been easier.

Twitter UK editorial manager Gordon MacMillan said that the social platform was designed for mobile from the beginning. He added that "naturally" many access it when they are on the move, and increasingly, when travelling.

An infographic illustrating how British Twitter users tweet on holiday, revealed that many still stay active while away.

Three in four Brits used Twitter on holiday, with over half (59 per cent) of these tweeters using the platform at least once a day.

Mobile devices (phones or tablets) were the most favoured tools of choice for accessing Twitter, where almost two-thirds (64 per cent) used the network to stay in touch with the people they know.

When it came to what they posted to their pages, about half tweeted regularly about how their holiday was going with 45 per cent uploading photos of what they were getting up to.

Twitter wasn't only used by these holidaymakers to boast about their time away, but was also found to come handy as an information tool. One in three used Twitter to find local events, one in four used the social platform to find local tourist information or restaurant recommendations, and one in five used it to get flight updates.

Even if it's your turn to go on holiday, that doesn't mean your company's Twitter campaigns should take a break too. You can choose to schedule Tweets, delegate another team member to take care of your social media strategy or post compelling and creative tweets from your holiday destination!

Posted by April Revake.