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Twitter ad revenue expected to soar

As any Twitter user will know, ads are very much a part of the experience when logging into the microblogging platform.

After all, we log in to see what our friends are up to – and perhaps even a celebrity or two – but we also can't help but notice messages advertising goods and services.

However, if new figures from eMarketer are to be believed, these ads are pulling in the big bucks (for Twitter, at least).

This year alone, the group expects US$582.8 million to be spent on advertising through the site – a figure that could hit US$1 billion as early as next year.

More than half of ad revenue on the microblogging site is expected to originate from mobile advertising, increasing from a level of virtually zero just two years ago.

This indicates that more people are logging into their Twitter accounts using mobile devices and that advertisers are taking advantage of the trend.

This shift to mobile is thought by eMarketer to have been spurred on by the focus on mobile by competitors such as Facebook and Google, both of which have developed their own mobile offerings.

Analysis from the group shows that the reach of the social networking site is improving, making it more important than ever for companies both large and small to consider running Twitter campaigns.

An increasing number of advertisers are showing an interest in spending money on mobile advertisements on Twitter, showing that the site could be closing the gap on its rival, Facebook.

By 2015, Twitter is expected to draw in US$1.33 billion in global ad revenue, with around 60 per cent of this amount coming from mobile advertising.

This year alone, eMarketer anticipates that Twitter will earn US$308.9 million in mobile ad revenue – more than the company earned in total last year.

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Posted by Emma Furze