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Twitter an ‘information network’

The Mobilize conference, which was held in San Fransisco yesterday (September 27), has a reputation for providing social media gurus with an opportunity to spruik their latest gadgets and tout a few industry success stories.

However, the theme of yesterday's meeting was the industry-wide growth in the mobile market, with companies such as Twitter leading the way.

In an interview with technology writer Om Malik, representatives from Twitter made it clear that many active users were using their mobile phones to post tweets.

According to Michael Abbot, vice president of engineering at Twitter, 45 per cent of tweets are uploaded via mobile devices – a significant percentage if you also take into account the 82 per cent growth the company has experienced in the past 12 months.

Abbot said: "There have been more infrastructure changes at Twitter over the last nine months than in the previous five years."

The network now has a reported 100 million active users and is listed in the top ten social media companies.

Increases in the number of mobile users also means a decrease in the number of people accessing accounts on desktop computers – meaning that the web now sits behind iOS and Android services when it comes to preferred methods of tweeting.

The number of users is also expected to grow after the Apple iOS 5 release, increasing the potential for social media marketing platforms to expand into the mobile space.

Twitter's focus on mobile usage is also being used to promote a consistent user experience across a variety of media platforms.

So with just under half off all tweets being circulated away from the desktop, it seems unsurprising the company is looking to reposition itself in the social media space network.

In fact, Abbots considers Twitter to be an "information network" that can stream uncensored news coverage to global audiences almost instantly.

He used the example of a fire – which could also be interpreted as any natural disaster or major event – in San Francisco or New York and users' ability to follow Twitter updates in case of an emergency.