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Twitter and Facebook update mobile apps for iOS 7

The number of users accessing their social media accounts on mobile phones has risen significantly over the past few years, which has changed the game of social media marketing. As a result, social networking sites are constantly making updates to meet the needs of these members.

Last week Apple launched iOS 7, a new mobile operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Social networking platforms Twitter and Facebook have both announced changes to their mobile apps that will make their systems more compatible for the new Apple technology.

iOS 7 is designed to be simpler for users to operate, and also simpler in terms of style, according to Apple. It comes with a few new features. For example, there is Control Centre, where users can quickly change basic settings, and AirDrop, with which user can easily exchange photos and videos.

Twitter is all about keeping up with the trends, and announced changes to its mobile app on the same day iOS 7 launched. Users can now use Siri to search Twitter for tweets, see shared links through Safari from friends, and discover trending music on iTunes Radio. These features have been made available for existing versions of iOS as well.

Facebook released a new menu at the bottom of its mobile app that aims to make it easier for users to switch from their messages to their News Feed or Notifications pages. It also has a brand new design to complement iOS 7.

As with everything new from Apple, there was a lot of hype surrounding iOS 7’s launch. To add to the hype, on September 20 Apple released the iPhone 5s, which comes with built-in iOS 7 technology.

During the 24 hours before and after the launch of iOS 7, there were over 7 million tweets about it, reports Crimson Hexagon.

Although 27 per cent of the 7 million tweets were positive about the new technology, 22 per cent were negative, according to Mashable.

Posted by Dylan Brown