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Twitter and TV ‘go hand in hand’

How many times have you been sat in front of the TV and headed to Twitter to give your opinions on what you're watching?  According to latest research, this is something that more and more people are doing – and it could have benefits for the TV programs themselves.

On the flipside, tweets can also influence the tune-in rates of these shows – if all your friends are discussing a particular program, the chances are you will switch over to see what the fuss is about.

These are the findings of a new Nielsen report, which found that live TV ratings had a major impact on the number of related tweets in a large number of situations.

Ali Rowghani, Twitter's chief operating officer, said the results were hardly surprising.

"As the world's pre-eminent real-time social communication medium, Twitter is a complementary tool for broadcasters to engage their audience, drive conversation about their programming, and increase tune-in," he commented.

So what do these findings mean for anyone running Twitter campaigns? There is a real opportunity to capitalise on popular shows, perhaps by aligning an existing strategy with whatever is hot at any given moment.

People are keen to let others know about their opinions on certain topics, so encouraging conversation and debate can often be a good strategy for anyone undertaking social media marketing.

As Nielsen's Twitter Causation Study shows, the social networking site can easily be integrated into a wider campaign, but only if there is sufficient knowledge of the audience – such as demographics.

Consumers increasingly expect to be able to interact with their favourite brands, products and services, so providing a platform for them to do this can give a much-needed boost.

Could your Twitter campaigns be used to bring benefits to other areas of your business? And how are people currently interacting with your brand?

Posted by Emma Furze