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Twitter announces changes to the way the site shares content

Twitter is set to monetise its social networking site by working with third party providers to "design and build great … experiences" for their online users.

The announcement was made by Jason Costa, a Twitter employee who works on the company's platform, on the network's official blog.

He named Mass Relevance – a company that is able to re-syndicate Twitter content – and data analytics group Crimson Hexagon as partners.

Costa wrote: "Twitter has established formal partnerships … in order to help brands and media companies more easily deliver compelling Twitter integrations to their users."

And while the public has yet to be told how much Mass Relevance paid for the right to re-sell tweets, it is clear that both companies are expected to profit.

Mass Relevance uses the latest technology to filter and display tweets – fresh content that is limited to 140 character updates – across a range of media platforms including websites, live television programs and so-called "real-world venues".

Its display gives customers the ability to feature news uploaded on the social network about their brand on different media channels.

For example, the brand has worked with Twitter on the White House's interactive Town Hall meeting along with the NBC's The Voice television program.

Crimson Hexagon provides social media monitoring and analysis services and is said to be one of the ten most innovative tech companies on the web, according to Fast Company.

It also lists companies such as Microsoft's Bing and CNN news as customers, as well as a number of other high profile clients.

Costa hinted that it is still early days on the path to advertising and business integration with the social network and it is likely that more announcements of this kind are in the pipe-line.

"Expect to see additional partnerships of this kind as we look for new ways to help everyone get the best out of Twitter," he said.

Posted by Aimee McBride