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Twitter announces expanded Tweets

Is Twitter's 140-character limit not enough to satiate your appetite for fresh content? Many people find it frustrating reading bite-sized posts on the micro-blogging site, let alone trying to express their own opinions.

And although most online newspapers, magazines and other media outlets add links to the end of their Tweets, sometimes people would like to read more before they click away from the social network.

Fortunately Twitter seems to have realised these concerns, which is why it is rolling out a new option that will allow users to expand Tweets so that they can access more original content before they choose to follow a link.

All you have to do is click on the 'Expand' button on any Tweet to see if there is more information available.

Those that are Twitter-savvy will know that you can already use the Expand option to view Instagram photos and watch YouTube videos – but with this update you can now see content headlines, previews and even short introductory descriptions for articles and blogs.

This means that you will be provided with more information before you choose to leave Twitter and head to the original source.

The social company has teamed with a few leading media websites including the Wall Street Journal and TIME – so you can be sure to find extra information alongside their breaking news posts.

"It's easier than ever to discover breaking news and bylines," the director of Twitter's product team Michael Sippey wrote in a blog post on June 15.

Mr Sippey went onto explain that this new option is currently available for all Twitter and users – and it will soon be rolled out to iPhone and Android.

In the meantime you can follow him using the handle @sippey for more updates and information.

Posted by Jess O'Connor