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Twitter apps exceed 1 million

The number of applications registered with Twitter has grown to more than one million, with a new app registered every 1.5 seconds.

Due to the significant take-up of Twitter applications, which can help individual users and companies make the most of their social media budget, the microblogging site has introduced a new Twitter Developer site.

Application developers can use this forum to connect directly with each other, as well as team members from Twitter itself as they create their own businesses and products.

In a blog post made earlier this week, Twitter announced that the overall number of apps stood at 150,000 just 12 months ago, but the figure has skyrocketed by more than 750,000 in the past year thanks to the hard work of developers from around the world.

Twitter suggests that the high volume of new applications is largely the result of major investment made by entrepreneurs and developers in the past year.

It highlights that more than $1 billion has been paid out in acquisitions since December last year, while more than $500 million has been invested in ecosystem companies.

In May, research from Neilsen indicated that in 2010, 72 per cent of Australian businesses allocated at least ten per cent or more of their marketing budget to a social media strategy – a rise from 57 per cent in 2009.