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Twitter assists news agencies with improved search tools

Twitter is continuing its push to win users back from third party apps by making developments it hopes will assist news agencies to research specific subjects, events and people more efficiently.

The latest initiatives – falling under the banner of Twitter for Newsrooms (TFN) – are broken into four categories.

Twitter Search allows for quick and easy real-time searches; Advanced Twitter Search helps target specific angles of a story; TweetDeck and Twitter for Mac allow breaking news to be tracked across the newsroom; and a search tool from Topsy helps researchers find archived content for the bigger news stories.

With TweetDeck and Twitter for Mac, agencies can take advantage of streaming API to receive real-time results for regular and specific searches. In the past users had to begin a new search every time they wanted to make the same query.

The TFN report provides all media outlets with general advice and handy tips on how to use these Twitter functions as effectively as possible.

It seems that the battle for search media supremacy will be well and truly alive if these advancements prove to be as useful and utilised as Twitter expects them to be.

The announcement follows Twitter’s recent purchase of TweetDeck and the upgrading of its search facility on As the micro-blogging site’s popularity grows, Twitter is looking to win back eyeball time from unofficial third party apps.