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Twitter campaign tips to take away from Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is a singer that is well-known to the tech-savvy generation born in the early 90s, with the former Disney star fronting shows such as Sonny with a Chance and The X Factor.

There's a few things we could learn from the MTV award-winner, with Lovato managing to make the song hashtags from her brand new album a worldwide trending topic on Twitter.

If you need to give your Twitter campaigns a well-needed boost, then you could do well to take some lessons from the Camp Rock star.

Lovato is set to release her fourth studio album, Demi, and turned to Twitter in a unique way to help promote the album.

Fans were told that they could 'speed up' the time that Demi released her tracks for an early preview of the album, by tweeting certain hashtags related to her Twitter campaign.

A website, lovaticsspeeduptime, was set up to preview the tracks – once they were all unlocked – with a simple hashtag displayed #lovaticsspeeduptime and a button to share this on Twitter.

Mashable reported today (May 7) that every song had been unlocked, with every corresponding hashtag for each song becoming a worldwide trending topic on Twitter.

Mashable's entertainment reporter Brian Anthony Hernandez noted that these "Twitter-propelled premieres" give fans a well-advanced listen to her new music.

A key lesson to take away from Lovato's Twitter campaign, is to build hype around your campaign with a noted hashtag.

If you have a new product or service to promote in your company, and you want to showcase it on Twitter, come up with a simple, memorable hashtag to help drive your campaign.

Offering exclusive content can also help to drive the success of your Twitter campaigns. You can make some sort of offer of a discount for your products or services for the number of re-tweets you receive or the amount of followers you gain to help get your message across Twitter.

Posted by April Revake.