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Twitter Cards: New features to send more traffic to your website

If Twitter campaigns are a key component of your company's social media marketing strategy, then it's vital that you learn about the new tool that the social platform has just launched – Twitter Cards.

This new feature is being used by more than 10,000 developers, mobile apps and websites to "richly represent" content on Twitter, including user-posted photos, videos, article summaries, songs and more.

Jason Costa posted in the Twitter Developers blog on April 2 that through Twitter Cards, they're introducing a new way to bring people directly to your app from a Tweet, and that they were adding new types of cards so that you can "more creatively" show your content on Twitter.

Costa said that Twitter was first introducing mobile app deep-linking in cards, a new feature that "closes the loop" between content creation, content discovery and app downloads.

"With mobile app deep-linking, users will be able to tap a link to either view content directly in your app, or download your app, depending on whether or not they have your app installed. To enable this feature, you just need to add a new set of markup tags…" Costa posted.

New types of Twitter Cards are secondly being introduced: App, Product and Gallery.

Twitter had first introduced expanded Tweets with summary, photo and player/video card types, but since then they'd heard that publishers want to be able to share different types of content.

The App card displays information about your app including its name, icon, description and other details such as rating or price – all Twitter needs is your ID and they will display the info about your app from Google Play or the App Store.

The Product card represents products by showing an image and description, with up to two customisable fields that allow you to display details such as price or ratings.

The Gallery card represents an album or collection of photographs via a preview of the photo gallery.

Read up more on how your company can use Twitter's Cards by visiting the Developers Blog.

Posted by April Revake.