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Twitter co-founders introduce new publishing platform, Medium

Social media platforms (PP) that focus on the idea of uploading original content – particularly images – and sharing them amongst friends and networks seem to be all the rage these days, with websites such as Tumblr and Pinterest rising in popularity.

Twitter co-founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone have jumped on the bandwagon and brought a new social media platform to the table, previewing their new site Medium.

The Medium project undertaken by the Obvious Corporation – at one point the parent company of Twitter – is still in building stages, with today’s (August 15) launch being a sneak peek into what’s on offer.

The company is building the new publishing platform “from scratch”, because they believe that publishing and media in a broad sense is important.

“It’s easy to forget this given how much pointless and destructive media is in the world. But there’s also more great stuff than ever before—and we haven’t even scratched the surface of what our smart devices and our networks that connect most of the planet might enable,” Obvious Corporation partner Evan Williams states in a post on the Medium website (August 14).

The platform incorporates good design – something that Williams says supports the purpose of the content – so that Medium is “diverse in look”, where people can choose the level of contribution they would like to have.

Posts to Medium are organised by ‘collections’, defined by a particular theme and template. The function of posting on Medium is not yet open to everyone as it is going through the development stages.

Partner of Obvious Corporation Biz Stone states in a Medium post published on August 14 that their goal, as always, is to “build a system that puts users first”.

“We can’t do that without putting something out there. Our ideas are much farther along than our product. Medium is only a sliver of what it could be. Nevertheless, we hope you find some value in the product and we look forward to your feedback,” he states.

Everyone with a Twitter account can give feedback on Medium, with posting only limited to a small group of friends and family.

In the meantime, Medium has provided some collections to check out and rouse interest in the site: Been There.Loved That, Look What I Made, The Writer’s Room and The Obvious Collection.

Posted by April Revake