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Twitter introduces related headlines feature

Twitter is a site that is always undergoing change and the latest feature to be rolled out involves a related headlines section.

The Twitter team are constantly trying to make users' experience of the site that little bit better, improving engagement and encouraging more people to sign up.

So what is this latest addition all about? A related headlines section will emerge whenever you look at tweets that have been embedded in websites.

This will then bring up a list of links to websites where the tweet was embedded, making it easier for users to find related stories and ultimately give the messages better context.

Still confused? Well the official Twitter blog has offered a real life example of how this has already been used.

When NBA player Jason Collins made an announcement regarding his sexuality, people were keen to comment on the story on Twitter – and indeed other social media networks.

Of course, major sports outlets like MSNBC and ESPN also offered insight into the story and embedded Jason Collins' tweet into the stories they published.

This was provided in addition to extra context that wasn't available on Twitter, such as other articles related to the story and the reactions of others as the news broke.

What does this latest development mean for Twitter campaigns? The idea is that users should be able to find linked content much quicker, which in theory should make related content more easily discoverable.

If your company is commenting on the latest news then this feature has the potential to increase traffic to your Twitter page and ultimately your website.

If you're not already getting involved in current affairs then this development could give you the incentive you need, especially with the opportunities this latest feature offers.

Posted by Emma Furze