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Twitter introduces some brand new features

Twitter is a powerful content marketing tool for brands wanting to develop an independant voice. The microblogging service allows businesses to connect with consumers on a personal level by sending out brief messages.

However, Twitter’s latest feature – ‘Pinned Tweets’ – allows brands to send out a permanent message.

This brand new feature means brands can now have a tweet ‘pinned’ at the top of their profile page, which will be displayed as a ‘promoted tweet’.

This could be useful for brands wanting to get across a particular message.

Brands could pin something to do with their latest marketing campaign, or a stance on a pressing issue, or even their company slogan.

Although the feature is not yet available to the general public, pinned tweets are currently rolling out for advertisers as well as high-profile politicians and celebrities.

Twitter also announced a few more exciting changes to its layout, which could be useful for social media marketing.

The ‘Best Tweet’ feature shows tweets that have received a high level of engagement in a larger font size.

Another feature – ‘Filtered Tweets’ – allows users to filter posts when looking at someones profile, such as seeing only tweets with photos and videos, or tweets with the replies displayed underneath.

Twitter also made its profile and banner photos significantly larger. As many social media users are becoming more focused on photo and video content, this could be a smart move on Twitter behalf.

However, many are already comparing the new profile layout to Facebook, which looks undeniably similar.

Brands using Twitter for content marketing should become familiar with Twitter’s new look and make the most of the brand new features.

Posted by Dylan Brown