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Twitter “kindness movement” needs careful thought

For months, companies have been making headlines for carrying out random acts of kindness on Twitter.

UK branches of Interflora have been known to trawl through tweets, looking for people who complain of feeling sad or unwell – and then arranging to send them flowers. Meanwhile Edge Shave Gel's Anti-Irritation campaign seeks out people complaining about any kind of irritation – running out of breakfast cereal, for example – and helps them to solve their problem.

It's an instant pick-me-up for Twitter users and Interflora and Edge Shave Gel's social media strategies gets rave reviews from the people they touch.

But Melbourne digital marketing executive Karson Stimson told the Sydney Morning Herald that targets for this type of campaign need to be chosen with care.

"You have to be careful or it will backfire," he said, adding that the best targets for random act of kindness campaigns are frequent users of social media sites.

Learning how your target audience reacts to different types of campaigns can help you develop a more relevant social media strategy. Blogs, Twitter and Facebook are all great ways of connecting with potential customers, but it is important to get the mix of fresh content, interaction and tone right for the greatest impact.