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Twitter launches a ‘Buy’ button

Although social media marketing is great for improving brand awareness and consumer engagement, up until now the direct effects of this technique have been difficult to prove.

But now some of the major social networking sites are experimenting with the ways they can promote e-commerce sales directly from their sites.

In fact, Twitter has just announced their ‘Buy’ button is about to roll out.

The feature is currently being tested with a few selected brands, but Twitter promises it will soon roll out on a larger scale.

The new button will supposedly make shopping over mobile devices easier and more enjoyable, and consumers can go ahead with purchases by simply tapping a few buttons (hopefully not by accident).



Twitter ensures personal data such as shipping details and credit card information will be stored securely, and won’t be passed on to the seller without permission.

Not only will this make shopping easier for mobile users, it will undoubtedly bring up amazing opportunities for brands to show off special deals and offers.

This will mean brands with a strong following will have an immediate audience to directly sell to.

Twitter’s head of commerce, Nathan Hubbard, said the new tool has been a long time in the making.

“What we see today are conversational relationships that already exist between brands, artists and charities and our users with conversations happening every single second, frequently in service of a transaction.” he said.

So far, Twitter has partnered with the brands Fancy, Gumroad, Musictoday and Stripe, as well as celebrities Demi Lovato, Pharrell Williams and Keith Urban to name a few.

Twitter’s plans to launch the product hasn’t exactly been kept secret. The ‘Buy’ button was spotted in June on the ‘Fancy’ shopping app, according to Re/Code.

Arch rival Facebook has also been working on a similar tool, announcing in July that they are working on a ‘Buy’ button.

The introduction of e-commerce to these social networking sites will not only improve sales over mobile devices, but it will open up new avenues for brands using the sites for content marketing.

Posted by Dylan Brown

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