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Twitter launches image galleries

Twitter has recently added a feature that could make the micro-blogging website more popular than ever – dedicated image galleries.

User will now be able to browse photos shared by fellow tweeters through a variety of channels – including those previously posted through supported third party sites such as Instagram, yfrog and TwitPic.

Accessible through the Profile page, a viewer can simply click on a thumbnail and have the full-sized version pop up in an iframe – in a similar way to how Facebook displays enlargements.

Up to 100 images will be stored in the online gallery in chronological order. However, videos are not yet supported by this feature and will not be displayed.

Also, tweets sent before January 2010 that contain links to images will not be included, possibly due to issues of data volume.

According to Twitter, users will have their photos automatically included in the gallery regardless of which avenue they use and can remove them from the online repository simply by deleting the tweet that contains the image.

Not all users will be able to access the new features nor do the current range of desktop and mobile apps support the changes – they will be rolled out across the network over the coming weeks as developers get to grips with the code behind the changes.

For companies involved in Twitter campaigns, this means a new level of interaction could be available to firms seeking to enhance their online presence, as profiles from the social network already rank fairly highly on queries performed through Google, Bing and Yahoo! search engines.

Picture searches usually result in higher levels of consumer engagement – with the right set of keywords, savvy businesses may be able to leverage increased interest without too much stress.