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Twitter launches new feature ‘Lead Generation Cards’

Twitter is a great place for brands to promote upcoming special offers or engage with consumers, and the social media site has released a new tool that allows users to sign up to receive promotions or enter competitions at the click of a button.

Over the past few months, Twitter has been trialling Lead Generation Cards, a brand new feature that allows advertisers to upload a promotional tweet. After extensive testing, the site has announced it is open to all advertisers, including small and medium businesses.

The main advantage of this new Card is that users interested in the product or service can sign up to receive promotional offers without having to fill out any forms, as the details are automatically filled in for them. This means that advertisers can easily acquire the email addresses of users who are interested in their brand.

Outdoor apparel and gear company Rock/Creek used this feature to advertise a draw to win a free pair of Chaco sandals. The drawing had a 4.6 per cent engagement rate, and resulted in 1,700 new email addresses.

Rock/Creek's Marketing and Creative Director Mark McKnight said: "Because we're able to precisely target interests and @usernames, we also know that these people are highly likely to be interested in our products."

Recent statistics released by U.S Census Bureau Research revealed that 94 per cent of retail activity still takes place offline. However, Twitter campaigns still have a profound impact on consumer behaviour.

A recent study by Datalogix, in partnership with Twitter, revealed that users who engaged with a brand's promoted tweets purchased 12 per cent more in store than those who didn't. The study also found positive results for organic tweets, with an 8 per cent sales increase for consumers who were exposed to a brand's tweets.

Posted by Dylan Brown