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Twitter lights up after controversial Obamacare decision

The power of social media as a political tool has been highlighted again, with millions of users taking to Facebook and Twitter to share their opinions and original content on the Obamacare decision.

Barack Obama's controversial healthcare reform was upheld by the supreme court today (June 29) by a vote of five to four in a 110-page decision.

Immediately people took to the Internet to register their thoughts, with 13,000 tweets being sent every minute at one stage in the day.

"Only in America would so many overweight, diabetic people with heart disease be upset that they're gonna have healthcare," wrote comedian Dave Rubin in a message that had been retweeted 16,805 times at the time of writing.

"OK its [sic] time to change the language like the Left does. From this day forward it is no longer Obamacare. Call it what it is: #ObamaTax," tweeted user Steel Magnolia.

In response, the White House held a special session of Office Hours in which Twitter users were able to submit questions relating to the decision by adding the hashtag #WHChat.

Coverage of the story has also highlighted the importance of taking care to ensure accuracy when engaging in a social media strategy.

There will be a few red faces at CNN after the cable news channel accidentally sent out an alert declaring that "the Supreme Court has struck down the individual mandate for health care – the legislation that requires all to have health insurance".

A retraction was issued a short time later.

However they weren't the only media organisation to slip up in the aftermath of the decision, with Fox News similarly claiming "Supreme Court Finds Individual Mandate Unconstitutional" on its televised chyron.

Posted by Zak Wash