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Twitter mobile designer ‘not flattered’ by Facebook app update

It's a small world in the sphere of mobile social networking platforms, as proved by Facebook's release of a new update to its iOS app on September 6.

There are remarkable visual similarities between the new design and those displayed on Twitter's iPhone offering – right down to the colour and spacing of buttons on the dedicated software interface.

A mobile designer at the microblogging site has expressed his feelings on the new changes through his Twitter account.

Bryan Haggerty – or @bhaggs as he's known on his online channel – tweeted a number of pictures comparing screenshots of the two mobile platform's offerings.

"Seriously Facebook?" tweeted Haggerty, displaying examples of the new status update screen with Twitter's for comparison.

The photo screen is also remarkably similar, as evidenced by his uploaded images, accompanied by the remark: "Ok Facebook, enough with the flattery."

It is understandable that the constraining elements involved in producing social apps for mobile platforms will result in some similarities cropping up in different offerings from competing companies from time to time.

But it could be argued that Haggerty feels that the style and look used by Facebook in its latest update contain too many familiar design elements for it to be based purely upon convergent design – or even chance.

This is especially apparent when comparing the new interface from the social network with the old, which was stark and relatively devoid of features.

The new offering from Facebook has a blue top bar (like Twitter) which displays 'cancel' and 'post' buttons (like Twitter, except they are called 'send' and 'close') and a grey options bar.

Lastly, the top bar title is "Update Status" as opposed to "New Tweet" – which could be argued to constitute a different service, making the other similarities simply aesthetic.