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Twitter opens office in New York City

It is being described as the perfect match – a fast-pace city meeting its online equivalent in the form of a bustling social hub.

And with news that Twitter has opened an office in New York City, comparisons between the two social networks – one virtual, the other physical – are sure to continue.

In a joint press conference held in NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg and Jack Dorsey, chairman of Twitter, announced the new partnership.

Bloomberg officially welcomed Twitter to the city and told listeners: "New York City has always been a place where big ideas are born, and we are working to ensure it’s the place where the next great tech success story is written."

The mayor was also quick to point out the many ways Twitter would add value to the city by enhancing its claims as an innovative and progressive space.

It would also provided a new source of economic revenue and help grow the technological sector on the east coast of the United States.

However, it was Dorsey who provided the greatest insight into the real social and commercial synergies between the company, its new location and New Yorkers.

Dorsey said: "Twitter and New York share the same constant pulse of energy."

"We’re looking forward to growing our presence in a city that has more Twitter users than any other city in the world and is led by innovators like Mayor Bloomberg who engage, inform and serve residents in real time."

The new office – which is located at the same address that was home to Facebook's previous NYC headquarters – will be home to 40 staff, ncluding software developers, engineers, analysts and advertising executives.

Yet its real impact is thought to lie in the additional support these professionals will provide to the hundreds of businesses that rely on Twitter to promote their brand and communicate with users.