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Twitter optimisation – social media and SEO

We might be a little biased when it comes to Twitter (Castleford's content team loves Twitter!), but it can be an incredibly effective tool to not only communicate with your customers, but stand out in search results too.

Whether you are just getting started with microblogging or you simply want a refresher on Twitter best practice when it comes to engaging an audience and SEO, here are some of our top tips for tweeters.

Tweet content worth talking about

While it's fine for personal Twitter users to post details of what they had for breakfast or what they got up to on the weekend , as a brand, it is important that every tweet furthers your reputation and brand voice.

This is why it is important to tweet relevant, targeted content that you feel is worth sharing with your audience – over time, this will help you build a reputation as an industry leader. If you aren't sure where to start, tweeting fresh content – such as the most recent post from your company blog – is a great launchpad for sharing and social engagement.

Images and infographics

Following on from the previous point, one quick and easy way to make your tweets stand out is to occasionally tweet images or infographics – anything that encourages your audience to comment, reply or share! For example, if you have just changed the branding on your boxes of organic cereal, don't just tell us about it – show your audience what the new labels look like!

Hashtag away!

Hashtags are crucial in maximising a tweet's effectiveness, Econsultancy blogger Simon Hawtin wrote yesterday. When used simply and sparingly, hashtags let you organise tweets by category and make it even easier for you to connect with people who are talking about the same things you are!

But Hawtin has a point when he says too many hashtags look "generally yucky" – it's much smarter to use one or two hashtags effectively and consistently than to go overboard.

Posted by Kaitlyn Critchley