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Twitter revamps search

Twitter, the hugely popular micro-blogging service, has revamped its search offering.

As well as returning more relevant results, users will also see related videos and images when they enter queries, Twitter said in a post on its official blog.

Firefox users will also be able to search for hashtags, which are used to organically categorise content on Twitter, and individual Twitter accounts (@username).

"Today we're starting to roll out a completely new version of Twitter search," Twitter's blog post said. "Not only will it deliver more relevant Tweets when you search for something or click on a trending topic, but it will also show you related photos and videos, right there on the results page."

The move comes as Twitter looks to take greater control over the Twittersphere.

Even by dotcom standards, Twitter's growth has been remarkable. This has been due in no small part to the plethora of third party sites and apps that allow users to post, search and analyse tweets without ever visiting Twitter's official website.

Twitter's recent purchase of TweetDeck, one of the largest unofficial Twitter apps, signalled the company's intent. While its open API has helped make Twitter a household name well beyond the technology sphere, the future of micro-blogging will have Twitter's official stamp on it.

This latest upgrade to its own search functionality won't be the last and is intended to wean users off sites like Listorious and FollowerWonk that have traditionally provided a vastly superior user experience.

With TweetDeck now part of the fold, official Twitter apps available for leading smartphone platforms and further enhancements to Twitter search in the pipeline, life is set to get tougher for third party providers.

There is no indication that Twitter will close off its API completely, but given that the company receives 13 billion API requests per day, some restrictions are likely. It would be no surprise to see Twitter launch an official partner programme before the end of the year.