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Twitter shares tweets with market research firm DataSift

Tweets only take a few seconds to write, even less to upload and some might even be so bold as to say that the vast majority of them are forgotten almost instantly.

This is of course with the exception of comments that manage to cut through the white noise, make people laugh or shed new light on an issue.

Successful Twitter campaigns can be known to make or break a company, while social media becomes an increasingly important part of the way brands communicate with their customers.

But what happens to tweets after people send them is rarely given much thought – until now.

Twitter has announced plans to pass on data – which means old tweets – to market research companies.

It will sell tweets dating back two years to DataSift, a UK and San Francisco based company that now has a license to go through tweets and access information on user profiles.

And with more than 250 million tweets shared across the Twitter platform everyday, the data offers an invaluable insight into the lives of the people who use this social media platform.

However, the decision has not come without criticism and some people are openly speaking out against the business agreement.

Avner Levin, a US-based privacy specialist, said that social media companies have a poor reputation for informing account holders about the way information they provide is used.

"We tweet for a particular audience," Levin commented. "We don't imagine when we do that, that they will actually be used for market research purposes, so … (they) can learn more about me, about my segment, my age, about where I am, about what I prefer in a brand."

Back home and it seems most people are far less concerned about privacy debates, with popular musician Guy Sebastian adding to a long list of local celebrities who have used the platform to announce the birth of his first child Hudson James Sebastian.

Posted by Aimee McBride