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Twitter unveils exclusive web analytics board

Many businesses have come to recognise the value provided by online metrics that track inbound viewers, exit pages and popular conversion points.

To this end, savvy IT executives make use of a range of a range of online tools such as Google Analytics and SEOmoz PRO.

These usually result in statistics about inbound links and so on for the main site and subdomains, but do not give an in depth understanding of just how the website name travels throughout online channels.

However, Twitter has released a new web analytics dashboard that can provide social media marketing specialists with an insight into how their content gets shared around.

The panel gives site owners the power to track the way their links get passed along throughout the online network and how this impacts on their overall site traffic.

According to the official release notes by Christopher Golda, the service will provide three key benefits to site owners – insights into tweet button effectiveness, traffic generation and improved sharing statistics.

Not all Twitter campaigns will be able to access the features at this point in time – the company has released the dashboard pilot to a select group of testers before they roll out the product over the coming weeks.

The difficulty experienced by site owners trying to measure the influence that the microblogging site has on their traffic comes from the variety of ways that visitors are able to share links.

Previously, analytics could only show that the traffic came directly from Twitter, through a web application that makes use of the API or via a third-party link-shortening service – resulting in a messy collection of inbound traffic reports.

To help with this they introduced – a built-in URL shortener that automatically applies to links over 16 characters long – allowing site owners to gain a more coherent understanding of where their links were coming from.

However the new analytics dashboard will finally allow site owners to access the true potential of Twitter's +100 million frequent users.