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Twitter users more likely to influence brand image

Of all the famed social communication channels available online, Twitter may be the one most valuable – or harmful – to businesses.

In fact, a regular user may be able to influence up to three times the number of people than the average Facebook accountholder.

A report by research group ExactTarget has highlighted the differences between various networks that makes them useful tools in a company's content marketing strategy.

The study showed that a majority of Twitter users actively manage their channels and are very selective about which feed to follow, with the aim to grow their own reader base – and spread their influence – as much as possible.

This shows that people on the social medium are more sensitive to breaking news that is of relevance to their particular field.

In practice, this means they are tying to establish themselves as thought leaders to their followers and may be more likely to pass on industry specific information.

If a business can provide relevant information presented in an entertaining manner, it seems likely that their Twitter followers will pass it on down the line.

The direct, real-time nature of the medium means that users expect a higher level of interaction with a company. They are more likely to complain – publicly – with the expectation that the target business will offer a resolution.

Another fact to consider when planning a Twitter marketing campaign is that tweets are frequently read outside of their original channels.

While nearly 12 per cent of respondents indicated they had an account with the social medium, up to 23 per cent said they frequently read other people's tweets even though they were not a registered user – at least once a month.

Combine this with the searchable nature of the content produced – Google now indexes public Twitter accounts – and the impact that a single tweet can have is amplified enormously.