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Twitter users send 25 billion tweets in 2010

There may still be a week or so left of 2010, but the "year in stats" stories are already doing the rounds.

One that caught my eye this week was an update from Twitter, the popular micro-blogging website, announcing its members had sent more than 25 billion tweets this year.

These little 140-character updates have become part of modern life, with companies, celebrities and private citizens having joined the Twitterati since the site launched in 2007.

Membership has been booming this year, with another 100 million user accounts opening since the start of January.

It's been a pretty monumental year for Twitter, aside from the huge growth in tweets and tweeters. The site launched its location services, which enable members to announce where they're tweeting from when they post updates.

It also launched promoted tweets, which allow its advertising partners to buy prominent positions on its pages.

Monetizing the site without upsetting users was always going to be tricky, but so far, Twitter seems to be striking the right balance. Membership numbers certainly don't seem to be suffering.

The site has become a useful marketing tool for individuals and organisations, enabling them to build followings and communicate directly with customers, fans and stakeholders. Range Rover, for example, launched an innovative campaign earlier this year, which involved giving a group of celebrities brand new 4x4s and having them tweet about their experiences.

Celebrities continue to attract the highest number of followers. Nine of the ten most popular tweeters are entertainers, according to Twitaholic, which tracks these things.

Barack Obama is the only non-celebrity that makes the list. The leader of the free world has 6,154,824 followers, putting him fourth behind Lady Gaga (7,449,212), Britney Spears (6,441,702) and Justin Bieber (6,398,536).