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Twitter’s ambitious plan to take over social media

There’s lots to love about Twitter, from its ability share real-time news stories to entertaining celebrity feuds. Plus, the site practically reinvented the hashtag.

Over the past few years, the microblogging site has also developed into an incredibly useful content marketing tool, where brands can connect with consumers on a personal level.

Despite Twitter’s achievements, the site always pales in comparison to its popular, better-looking, and athletically superior big brother Facebook.

Facebook currently holds the top spot as the world’s largest social site with 1.3 billion monthly users, according to Statista.

Over the past financial year, Twitter’s number of active monthly users grew 24 per cent, reaching a total of 271 million monthly users, but even that’s only a quarter of Facebook’s following.

But that’s not stopping Twitter CEO Dick Costolo from dreaming big, announcing his plans for Twitter to be “The largest information network in the world” at Twitter’s second quarter earnings call on July 29.

Costolo said this despite the fact that Twitter’s user growth is decelerating.

So does Costolo have a top secret genius plan up his sleeve?

Not exactly.

Twitter has grown so much in prominence that the majority of people have, at the very least, a vague understanding of what the site involves.

Since consumers are exposed to Twitter everyday without going on the site, from television to newspapers, Costolo believes there is still ample opportunity to turn them into active users.

Through this exposure he hopes to win over new or inactive users to Twitter.

“We remain focused on driving increased user growth and engagement, and by developing new product experiences, like the one we built around the World Cup, we believe we can extend Twitter’s appeal to an even broader audience,” he said.

He also said that they are committed to building Twitter in order to meet the demands of consumers, even if it means drastically altering their product.

Down here in Australia, Twitter only has 2.5 million monthly users, according to Frank Media, far behind Facebook with 13.2 million, so they definitely have a lot of catching up to do.

Regardless of whether or not Twitter does take the top spot, the site is still a valuable commodity for social media marketing.

Posted by Dylan Brown

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