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Twitter’s embeddable timeline launched: An essential for company blogs

You can further engage your audience in your Twitter campaigns, with the company launching a new tool yesterday (September 5) that makes it easy to “embed interactive timelines of Tweets” on your website.

This can be a handy tool to add to company blogs, to provide constant, real-time updates, be used to keep your audience in the loop, as well as attract new followers to your Twitter page.

News agencies may especially find it of great use, so they can consistently stay on top of breaking news and deliver original and fresh content as it comes through.

“These new embeddable timelines enable publishers, writers, developers, and any Twitter user to drop a rich, interactive piece of Twitter into their websites,” product manager Brian Ellin states on the Twitter blog, posted on September 5.

The embeddable timeline allows for more engagement with followers, where it makes it easier to share your website content and interact with your audience.

Your followers will not have to switch back and forth between your website and Twitter page, they can engage with your content in one place – making it a convenience for everyone involved.

The embedded timeline allows the same functions you have on the Twitter website, where you can expand Tweets to view photos and media, and retweet, favourite or reply to Tweets directly from your page.

Creating a Twitter timeline for your web page only takes a few seconds, by heading to your Twitter settings and adding a new widget.

The Twitter developers have also written a quick blog to help in getting your timeline set up on your page.

Many companies are a lot more active on their Twitter pages than their company blogs, using it to deliver announcements and important news. Having a timeline on your blog will keep your page updated and fresh, with more content to engage with.

Posted by April Revake.