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Two key ways to create fresh content

If you really want to reach your customer base it's essential to have an online presence, with many consumers turning to their search engines to find out product information and places to buy what they need.

While having a website, as well as Twitter and Facebook campaigns can help with your company's visibility online, it also pays to have an effective content marketing strategy in place.

This helps to ensure that you can draw consumers, yet pique their interest enough to keep them reading and exploring your website and social platform pages.

So how exactly can you go about attracting and keeping the interest of visitors? Well, that's where fresh content comes in.

A blog posted by Tiffany Monhollon to the Business2Community website last year, essentially outlines why posting fresh content is important, stating that search engines "emphasise content freshness" in ranking and social search is "fed by fresh content".

There's also the obvious fact that people are likely to leave a website if they see that blog or news posts were last updated a few weeks ago – so it's important to have content consistently coming!

Here are three key ways in which your company can create fresh content for your website.

Company blogs

Company blogs are considered by some to be the "easiest way" to consistently publish fresh content to your site, spreading the good word about what your business does and giving your visitors a reason to keep reading and "stay engaged with your brand".

Search Engine People states that blog posts can rank on their own in the search engines and can help you target more long tail keywords, which in turn drive "more qualified traffic to your site".


Pictures are a great way to liven up online content, and infographics are fantastic in melding both images and information to create visually appealing but informative content for your website.

Not only do infographics provide your audience with relevant information about your company and product or services, but they also appear in an easy to read, attractive format that can be easily shared over social media pages.

Posted by April Revake.